Course Scorecard

Lochmaben Golf Course originally designed by James Braid five times Open Champion - extended to 18 Holes in 1995.


1 The Key 314 4 14 314 4 18 251
A Short Par 4 with a severely sloping green from back to front guarded by bunkers left and right. Get wrong side of the hole and a score of more than par is a possibility.
2 Bruce's Motte 188 3 4 188 3 4 181
An uphill Par 3 to a raised two tier green situated on the site of one of Robert the Bruce's old forts. Severe trouble for any venture to the left and beyond the green. Walk off this hole with a three and be satisfied.
3 The Moats 190 3 8 137 3 8 137
Two old moats to be carried to miss the severe trouble. Bowl type green with bunkers left and right. No easy chip if the green is missed.
4 Braid's First 311 4 12 311 4 16 265
Another short par 4 starting from the site of the original clubhouse. Out of bounds all the way down the left and, behind the green which is surrounded by bunkers. Large bunker on the right of fairway in driving distance.
5 Queensberry 359 4 6 359 4 12 307
Straight hole lined with trees. Fairway bunker on right to be avoided. Named after the hill seen in the distance to the North from the tee.
6 The Beeches 404 4 2 404 4 2 375
Tee shot played uphill between two 160 years old Beech trees. Hole then turns approximately 30 degrees right and downhill to an undulating green sloping from front left to back right.
7 Swan's Nest 291 4 10 291 4 6 273
A dog leg to the right with out of bounds and marsh all down the right side turning almost 90 degrees. A risk and reward hole. A long straight tee shot over the out of bounds 269 yards can be rewarded by finding the L-shaped green guarded by three bunkers and the Kirk Loch ten yards over the back of the green.
8 Kirk Loch 120 3 18 120 3 14 120
The tee shot is played over an inlet of the Kirk Loch shelved on a severe slope towards the loch. The green is guarded by a pair of "spectacle" bunkers at the front. Behind the green is a bank of rough to retain an over hit shot from running back onto the green
9 Skelvieland 295 4 16 295 4 10 228
A short Par 4 from an elevated tee with heavy rough on the left covering the ancient settlement, Skelvieland, on the hillside, and out of bounds on the right with a burn running across the fairway in front of the two tier green guarded by bunkers left and right with a very narrow entrance.
10 Ancient Domain 445 4 1 445 4 9 387
A short climb to the 10th tee brings stunning views across Kirk Loch to the original part of the course. This hole lives up to its Stroke Index of 1 with copses of trees either side of the fairway, bunker on the left side of fairway in driving range. The fairway turns very gently to the left to a green with bunkers left and right. On a good day the Lakeland Hills can be seen clearly all the way down the hole.
11 Broadchapel 522 5 9 522 5 1 454
Wide fairway lined with trees and bunkers on both sides. Second shot played to a plateau with two bunkers left and right sixty yards short of the green to be avoided. Slightly raised long narrow green guarded by bunkers.
12 Cockies Knowe 143 3 13 143 3 13 134
Last of the par 3's normally played into the prevailing South West wind to the highest point of the course which reveals stunning views in all directions. Long narrow green guarded by bunkers.
13 Lark's Rise 425 4 3 425 4 7 360
A blind drive over a rise to a wide fairway lined on both sides with trees. Second shot must be threaded through a narrow entrance between bunkers either side of the green.
14 Mark's Way 343 4 11 343 4 11 314
Another blind tee shot over a rise where the fairway then turns right to left. Two fairway bunkers on left side of fairway lined with trees. Second shot to elevated green surrounded by bunkers. Best approach from right side of fairway.
15 Vallance Rig 475 5 7 441 5 3 441
A narrow fairway gently sloping left to right at driving distance with out of bounds all along the right of the hole and heavy rough and trees on the left. With a severe right to left slope 50 yards short of the green, and Swan's Close wood (out of bounds) to the left the bigger hitters have to decide whether to lay up or take on the challenge.
16 Castlehill 354 4 15 354 4 15 299
A blind tee shot over a fairly steep rise to a fairway turning gently right. Rough and trees to the left, trees, deep rough and a steep slope to the Vendace Burn running along the out of bounds on the right and overlooking Castlehill farm, finding the fairway is a must. An inviting second shot from the fairway looking down at the green with out of bounds 10 yards behind it.
17 Vendace Burn 426 4 5 426 4 5 370
An uphill drive to a sloping right to left fairway must be along the line of trees to the right of the fairway to avoid running down into the rough on the left side where out of bounds, marshy ground and the Kirk Loch lie in wait.
18 Cormorant's Rest 328 4 17 328 4 17 268
An elevated tee with out of bounds and the Kirk Loch to the left, and bunkers and trees up the right. The drive is over a gully with broom bushes to a narrow fairway rising to the final green bunkered on both sides and out of bounds behind. The clubhouse overlooks this final hole.


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